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Software Engineer - Montreal, QC
Description: Responsibilities: The Nuance Cloud Services server team is responsible for designing and developing real-time, multi-modal, personal agent applications for both mass-market feature phones and smart phones for some of the world’s largest phone manufacturers. We have an exciting opportunity for a Junior Software Engineer to join a team building server side functionality that is used to create user personal agent appl...
Reference Code: 1-11705
Virtualization Engineer - Melbourne, FL
Description: Responsibilities: The Senior Virtualization Engineer is responsible for administering and operating all virtualization components in the Nuance Healthcare hosted services environment. This is a 24x7x365 environment which hosts an array of products that provide mission critical functionality to our customers and directly impact patient care. Performance and Availability : People in the Virtualization Engineer role will be ...
Reference Code: 1-11263
Diagnostics Client Experience Specialist - Melbourne, FL
Description: Responsibilities: This position will provide proactive account services focused on improving the client experience. Duties include usage and performance monitoring, speech recognition and productivity optimization, and workflow consultation, collectively “consumption”. This position will be ab adjunct to reactive support services and be accountable for building consumption best practices into standard incide...
Reference Code: 1-11258

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Nuance’s competitive drive to be the market leader in Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP/NLU) has led us to deliver some of the most significant advancements in speech recognition technology – and we’ve only scratched the surface.

The germination of every R&D breakthrough begins with experts like you. If you are looking to build an incredible career, join the company where you will help develop, build or invent the next amazing idea in NLP/NLU-powered solutions. Our engineering team is at the forefront of changing the way people use their voice to interact and communicate – and our next big innovation could be yours.

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