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Associate Order Management - Melbourne, FL
Description: Responsibilities: Position Summary: The Associate - Order Management Associate is primarily responsible for the entry, validation, and billing of projects and standard orders. Principal Duties and Responsibilities: Validate all order paperwork submitted to ensure completeness and accuracy Read contract to identify invoicing, special subscription invoicing terms, payment and acceptance terms Process all orders timely to en...
Reference Code: 1-13555
Fulfillment Specialist - Budapest, Hungary
Description: Responsibilities: Major duty is license key/file and fulfillment creation for orders released for fulfillment. Works with internal and external customers. Works together with other departments, including Sales, Support and Order Handling Performs std activities associated with the license key/file creation for customer orders. Works with the 20+ license tools, documents related procedures. Ensures SLAs that was communicat...
Reference Code: 1-12282

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Our Next BIG Innovation Begins with YOU

Nuance’s competitive drive to be the market leader in Natural Language Processing & Understanding (NLP/NLU) has led us to deliver some of the most significant advancements in speech recognition technology – and we’ve only scratched the surface.

The germination of every R&D breakthrough begins with experts like you. If you are looking to build an incredible career, join the company where you will help develop, build or invent the next amazing idea in NLP/NLU-powered solutions. Our engineering team is at the forefront of changing the way people use their voice to interact and communicate – and our next big innovation could be yours.

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